The Auto Shipping Process Explained In Detail

If you have never shipped a car before, or are unfamiliar with the process, or have previously had a bad experience, you will want to educate yourself on the ins and outs of how the car shipping process goes down HERE.

How the Auto Shipping Process Works - in Detail

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The Auto Shipping Process - Explained in Detail

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A general summarization of the auto shipping process ( Will be similiar in nature for any brokerage or company that facilitates your move. )

  • Step 1. You receive a quote from our instant calculator, or we produce and email you one manually. This quote will be a close projection as to what the final total will be. It is in no way a guarantee. We will research the live market, and give you our best estimation. This is done by researching what loads have moved at within the last week , and what loads are moving at now, (from similar pickup locations , going to similar destinations). In most cases, the rate we quote you, will be within $100 of the final rate. But in every case, we will request your final sign off, before we move the vehicle or dispatch it out to a trucking company. So in this way, you will have final say on all final totals. You will never be stuck paying a random price or a price you didn't 100% agree to.

  • Step 2. You decide on how you'd like to proceed in booking your transport. In most cases all you'll pay initially is the flat $89 or $125 fee to setup the transport. Keep in mind at this point in the process, the rate totals are still "projections". Typically we move most orders either at the calculated rate, or within $100. Either way, once we have those final numbers, (usually within 72 hours from the time you book the order) we will contact you for your final authorization to move your order at the said price. So in the end, you have final say on the final numbers. You'll never be stuck being forced to pay a random rate. You will have all "final numbers" before anything is "final".

  • Step 3. Once the order is booked with us, we will attempt to move your car at the calculated rate, or below that rate if possible. We will also try to accommodate any scheduling needs or demands that you may have. Our goal here, is to get you the best possible rate we can, while still moving it on the highest quality truck. We realize different shipments have different needs. If you have a specific date, or hard date, or specific request of any kind, please text us or include that request in the notes on the order page.

  • Step 4. Once we locate a carrier that we are comfortable with, we will tentatively assign them to your order, while waiting on your "final authorization" to move your car at the said price, and within the said dates being offered by the carrier. At this point you will still have the option to decline the offer if it's not quite what you want, or you aren't happy with the final pricing.

  • Step 5. A Dot licensed , insured, and professional auto hauling company will be dispatched out your order. And by dispatched, this means that airRyd enters into a "binding" contract with them to move your vehicle at an exact pricing level. This happens on our commercial systems. They will typically contact you within 12-24 hours prior to picking up your vehicle. They will coordinate picking it up directly with you. Furthermore, you can find all of the carrier specific information, once dispatched, by searching with your "Booking ID number" on our tracking page, or in the top right corner of

  • Step 6. On pickup, the trucking company will take a comprehensive condition report of the vehicle, along with several photos documenting the current condition of the car. We advise our customers to also take photos. Be sure to walk around the vehicle, and know what they are writing on the form. This form is also known as the "Bill of Lading". This is a very important form. It serves as the primary transport document, and also serves as a transfer of liability record, from you, to the trucking company. At that point, once this form is filled out and signed, the trucking company is now liable for any damages to the vehicle, until it reaches it's destination, and is signed off on by the responsible party on drop off. Be sure to get a copy, either a digital copy, or a paper copy.

  • Step 7. On delivery, be sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly for damages, or anything not initially listed on the bill of lading at pickup, or not shown in photos. This is your one opportunity to document anything wrong. If there is any issue, please contact us for assisting in handling the issue. If a claim needs to be filed, we can assist in helping you do so. Otherwise, receive your car, thank the driver, and enjoy your new ride!
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    Mar 13, 2023
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