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    Strap recommendations?

    What are some quality straps that stand the test of time that you've tried out? Ive been running straps i purchased from auto hauler supply and theyve held up really well. Very reasonably priced
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    Best trailer tires for car haulers?

    I run 17.5s due to being enclosed and the only brand that holds up in all elements is the continental HTL2, Michelin is second and everything else is trash. Don’t go cheap here in this area it won’t pay off…
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    Open and enclosed best setups

    Now ive never run a 9/10 car hauler because i like the space of a bigger sleeper, but if i were to run open, the 8 car from cottrell can really move a lot of weight. Ive seen those haul 5 dually trucks with one car. Enclosed, the biggest issue ive had with kentucky trailers and all of the older...
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    What is your craziest story in transporting cars?

    I will start, a customer wanted a ford f150 shipped from kansas city to albuquerque and was expecting it there the same day. When i informed him i was unable to get it there the same day since we have hours of service we have to adhere to in addition to it already being 1:00pm (ABQ from KC is a...
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    Have a question about the auto transport process? Ask a trucker here!!

    Opening up the discussion here to anyone that has any questions about the auto transport process from someone that has encountered and seen just about everything now (good and bad) in the last 7 years of driving. Don't hesitate to ask for help!!
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    Turning a Car Hauler into a mobile home ?

    Lol pretty silly when you can buy one of those totally decked out air stream vans for around the same price
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    What to do when a client files a claim after they've signed off on your BOL?

    So i had a guy one time that filed a claim TWO WEEKS after receiving his car, signed off on my BOL, all clean and good there. Needless to say it didnt get very far with insurance as it's almost impossible to prove damages occurred in transport when he didnt notate it on delivery. Just an FYI for...
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    Excellent work there driver.. thought he was driving his mom's mini van when he made that turn
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    Anyone have thoughts on SHIPLY or USHIP ?

    I wouldnt use either of those services... u ship is full of average joe's with a trailer without insurance hauling your cars.
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    Difficult brokers

    I can sort of see why they do it because 75% of the truckers actually running the rigs don’t know much English and they aren’t the best communicators with regards to timing. They just show up unannounced at midnight to drop off your car. But they need to be able to discern who’s actually...
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    Stop hauling cheap freight!

    People always seem to point the finger at the brokers, the clients being cheap, really guys were the ones taking these loads so we need to stop taking such cheap freight from places like florida. Fuel is 5 dollars a gallon here, you cannot afford to run under 3.50/mile loaded, period!
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    Ed Cannon Tractor service

    I dispatched out a car to this guy one time, MAN this dude is one bad trucker from the 70s with a 1980s big cam cummins tractor, a 7 car trailer that looks like it hasnt been greased in over a decade or painted, and ratchet straps that are so rusted out arnold schwarzenegger couldnt get them to...
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    Difficult brokers

    They seem to have a really good algorithm for their rates, because they are almost ALWAYS under the market rate, by 1-200 dollars. Constantly driving down the market rate
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    How many people here are running notifications to get loads? Its paramount to me, especially in the dead zones like florida to pull good paying loads leaving there.
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    Difficult brokers

    Difficult brokers in getting loads from, sherpa auto transport and their need to get an insurance certificate almost every single time you get a load. As if you drop insurance almost weekly and are running illegally. All they have to do is go on FMCSA SAFER and look up your carrier to see if you...
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    Difficult brokers

    Ill kick this conversation off here.. list off any brokers you have had difficulties with in getting loads, problems in transit, etc. Number one most annoying for me would be montway's VIP service, and the endless calls they make every single day to check up on where you are, what you're doing...