What is your craziest story in transporting cars?


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I will start, a customer wanted a ford f150 shipped from kansas city to albuquerque and was expecting it there the same day. When i informed him i was unable to get it there the same day since we have hours of service we have to adhere to in addition to it already being 1:00pm (ABQ from KC is a 12 hour drive), the guy absolutely LOST it and was screaming and cussing me out over the phone for a solid five minutes until i hung up. I called him the next day, and again he cussed me out and wouldnt meet me at the time i was arriving, but rather when he got off work so i had to wait six hours for him to get home. He said he was going to fight me, kill me, everything. And then when it finally came time to deliver the car, his WIFE comes out to receive it. Hahah, whats the phrase? The smaller the dog, the more it barks and the less it can bite? I have more but im sure someone has something good here as well


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Dealing with an impatient customer can be tough, but it's all part of the job, right? It's funny how things turned out with his wife receiving the car in the end.
As for my crazy story, once I had to transport a vintage convertible from Miami to Seattle, and a freak hailstorm hit the day before delivery. The customer was understandably worried, but luckily, the car was well-protected, and it arrived in pristine condition.
By the way, if you ever need a breakdown of car shipping costs, you can check out this helpful resource: www.shipvehicles.com/car-shipping-cost-breakdowns/. It's always good to know what you're getting into!
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Oh, I've got a wild one! A friend had their classic car transported cross-country by A-1 Auto Transport Inc. The driver got lost, ended up at a music festival, and the car became an impromptu concert prop. It turned into a road trip party! A-1 handled it like champs, and it's now a legendary story.
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